Eduvate Dyscovery station G3


Discovery is the beginning of knowledge.. Dyscovery station is a science kit with numerous engaging activities & experiments for children to perform.The kit helps children construct various models to understand the fundamental principle and applications of various science concepts. Learning happens through discovery by performing various iterations using the model.

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Dyscovery Station Grade-3 contains kits designed to stimulate the scientific curiosity of children by facilitating logical thinking. This set contains a group of interesting and entertaining activities that encompasses a whole array of specially designed materials, by which we can polish the innate skill sets that are required to develop scientific values and learning, such as a car and a romp, which neatly demonstrates how the inclination affects speed, as we would see the effect of friction by the use of sandpaper, and thereby relate it with the rainy season, off the road and rough surface. By engaging children in activities for science projects for grade 3, using this kit will stimulate their intellectual curiosities. Science could seem like an insurmountable obstacle to many. The very idea of developing these kits, as aids for science projects for grade 3, is to help the students in strengthening their foundations.
In the same way, children will use-:

· Rolling Can -: thus learning about what the movement of rolling can do to and fro motion, with the aid of a rubber band

· Tumbling toy -:gravity

· Lightbox -:How the light travels through objects

· Reflection -: The behaviour of light

· Shadow play -:How the object will make shadow and how is it formed and its features

· Pencil levitation -: Behavior of the magnet, how magnetic force can attract/ repel the object

This will strengthen the basic understanding of core scientific concepts. As a useful tool for science projects for grade 3, this will be very helpful in laying a strong foundation in Mathematics.


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