Eduvate Dyscovery station G6


Discovery is the beginning of knowledge.. Dyscovery station is a science kit with numerous engaging activities & experiments for children to perform.The kit helps children construct various models to understand the fundamental principle and applications of various science concepts. Learning happens through discovery by performing various iterations using the model.

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• An interesting opportunity for children to learn the basics of concepts such as light, shadows and reflections, separation of substances, how to test for different components of food, electricity and its effects on solids and liquids etc

• This will also throw light upon concepts such as magnetism and its properties, magnetic effects on different objects, how to measure the wind speed etc

• This Science kit for grade 6 will help students in laying a strong foundation on the aforementioned concepts
Learning Outcomes

Anemometer-: Using it, children will understand the working of an anemometer, which is used to measure the wind speed.

The density of different liquids-: Children will understand the concept of density. Substances that sink in water have a higher density than water that does not sink in water have a lower density than water.

Conductivity Test in different liquids-: Students will learn the chemical effects of currents in different liquids.

Shadows with different objects-: the user will understand how different objects will allow different light intensities to pass through them.

Conductors and insulators-: This Science kit for class 6 encompasses instruments such as this, which will make children understand what materials can be used in electric circuits so that the current can pass through them.

Effects of Magnet-: This component of the Science kit for grade 6 includes this instrument which will demonstrate how materials can be classified as magnetic and non- magnetic.

Starch Test-: This will make children understand how to test the presence of starch using an iodine solution.

Electric Torch with Switch-: This will show how can a switch be made and the working principle of a switch.

Hydraulic Lift-: Using this child will understand how liquid pressure can be applied to lift nearby objects

Loss of magnetic property-: Through this activity, children will learn that for each magnet, there is a temperature at which the heat will destroy the polarization, causing it to lose its magnetic properties.

Bar Magnet and Magnetic lines-: This activity for kids will teach them in understanding the attractive and repulsive properties of a bar magnet and visualize the magnetic lines using iron fillings.

Make a Magnet-: This will teach them about how a magnet can be made and its properties.

Irreversible reaction-: Children will learn about irreversible reaction where the chemical properties of a substance once changed cannot return to its original state.

Test of Protein-: This activity for kids will help them in learning about how to test for proteins in organic matter.

Shadow Size-: Children will understand and observe different sizes and properties of shadows based on the distance of the object from the light source.

Traffic light-: In this activity, the traffic light glows when the electric current passes through it. The switch is a simple device that is used either to break the electric circuit or complete it.

Soluble or insoluble-: Through this component of the Science kit for grade 6, children will learn about the solubility of substances. A solute that completely dissolves in a solvent is called soluble and the one which does not dissolve is named as insoluble

Winnowing: This is to make children understand the process of winnowing, which is the activity of separation of the heavier components from the lighter components of a mixture using wind or by blowing air.

Make a Compass-: Children will understand the principle of the compass, a device used to find directions. A freely suspended magnet always comes to rest in the north-south direction.

Periscope-: Children will learn about how mirrors at certain angles are used to see over, around or through an object, obstacle or condition that prevents the direct line of sight observation.

Sedimentation, decantation and filtration -: This important component of the Science kit for grade 6 will teach children about the different processes of separation of solvent and solute using sedimentation, decantation and filtration

Light through different materials-: This activity is a demonstration of how different materials allow different intensities of light to pass through them.

Reflection of light-: Children will understand the law of reflection which states that when a ray of light reflects off a surface, then the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence.

Pinhole Camera-: This will teach children about the functioning and principles behind the Pinhole Camera. When light is passed through the aperture and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box.

Saturation Point-: Children will understand the concept of saturation point which is the point where no more solute can be dissolved to a solvent.

Reversible Reaction-: Students, by using this will learn about the reversible reaction where the chemical properties of a substance when once charged can return to its original state.


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