Eduvate Dyscovery station G8


Discovery is the beginning of knowledge.. Dyscovery station is a science kit with numerous engaging activities & experiments for children to perform.The kit helps children construct various models to understand the fundamental principle and applications of various science concepts. Learning happens through discovery by performing various iterations using the model.

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• A unique way of educating children on concepts such as force and pressure, factors affecting friction, sound and its properties etc

• These activities for kids will also throw light upon concepts such as combustion and its effects, classification of materials as metals and non- metals, fermentation process, light and its applications and chemical effects of electricity and its applications

• This Science kit for Class 8 will help them in establishing a strong foundation in the relevant concepts
Learning Outcomes

Air is Essential for burning-: Through this activity for kids, they will understand that air, which is essential for burning as oxygen is an essential component for burning/combustion process

Chemical Effects of Current-: This component of the Science kit for Class 8 will make children understand the chemical effects of currents when electricity is passed through a conducting solution.

Reflection of light-: This activity will make them understand the law of reflection, which states that when a ray of light reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.

Conductors and insulators-: By this activity, which is an important aspect of the science kit for class 8, children will understand what materials can be used in electric circuits so that current can pass through.

Wave generator-: They will understand the concepts such as frequency and wavelength nature of the wave generated depends on the elastic and inertial properties of the medium.

DIY Projector-: They will understand how an image is formed in a convex lens and projected on to a screen.

Toy Telephone-: Using this, children will understand how the sound travels through a medium and how it travels fast in a solid medium.

Convergence and Divergence-: Using it, the user will learn the properties of convergence and divergence of light, using convex or concave mirrors.

Factors affecting friction-: By this activity, the user will understand the two major factors that affect friction, the weight of the object and the nature of the surface in which the object is being moved.

Demonstrating friction-: Through this activity, children will understand the concept of friction and how frictional force holds back the movement of an object.

Fermentation Process-: They will understand the process of fermentation by which molecules such as glucose are broken down anaerobically.

Electroplating process-: Using it, children will understand the process of depositing a layer of any desired metal on another material using electricity.

Zinc in hot water-: They will understand how zinc reacts with water, only when heated and this can be observed with a litmus test.

Non- contact force-: Through this activity, students will understand the concept of attraction of unlike poles and repulsion of the similar poles in a magnet.

Formation of Image-: They will understand that the distance between the mirror and the object will be the same as the image formed in the mirror.

Heat Transfer-: Using this, children understand the mode of heat transfer in a medium. It is understood that heat always flows from a medium or a higher temperature to the medium at a lower temperature.

Friction using different lubricants-: They will understand how lubricants reduce friction and make the materials run smoothly.

Bar magnet and magnetic lines-: They will understand the attraction and repulsion properties of bar magnets and visualize the magnetic lines using iron fillings.

Working of a switch-: They will learn about how a switch can be made and also about the working principle of a switch.

Making a Kaleidoscope-: Children, by using it, will understand the working principles of a kaleidoscope (which is the law of reflection and that the white light is a combination of all the visible colours)

Multiple images using Mirror-: Using it, they will understand how the placement of an object at certain angles leads to the formation of multiple images.

Persistence of Vision-: They will understand how we measure the temperature of a body using a thermometer.

Nature of Rust-: Using this component of the Science kit for grade 8, children will understand with the help of red and blue litmus tests, whether the rust solution is acidic or basic.

Atmospheric Pressure-: They’ll understand how different gases in the atmosphere exert pressure on objects and how it changes at different altitudes.


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