Inkmeo Jurassic


Your kids’ brains are typically consumed with candy, cartoons and dinosaurs. Travel back to the Jurrasic period with Magicbox-Inkmeo’s Reusable Jurrasic Colouring Roll. Help your child to complete the colouring roll for a blast from the prehistoric past.

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InkMeo’s Reusable Wall Colouring Roll offers your child a fun, hands-on and educational introduction to creative development. By utilising letter recognition, colour blending and interactive story building, your kids will take their first big step towards cultivating cognitive motor skills, while promoting accelerated reading. This innovative, theme-oriented kit contains over 7 feet of easy application, high-quality colouring rolls, and materials. Each category specifically designed to leave your child engaged and full of artistic confidence. Simply sit back, relax, and let the good times roll as your kids explore their unlimited potential. The specially designed re-usable colouring roll calls for your kids’ creativity and lets you join their fun zone too. The InkMeo Reusable Wall Colouring Roll is the perfect choice for any toddler or child looking to express themselves through creativity. Encourage your child with the gift of creativity and watch them make their mark on the world – or wall.

Kids are visual learners and their craving for knowledge and new heights is the engine of progress. Augmented reality (AR) gives the ability to blend digital technologies with the real world

Key Features:
Fine Motor Skill
Hand-eye co-ordination
Colour Recognition
Stimulates Creativity

Brand – Inkmeo
Type – 3D Toys and Augmented Reality
Age – 3 to 8 Years
Material – Paper
Product Dimensions – 31.75 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm
Product Weight – 100 Grams

Items Included in the Package:
Inkmeo Roll
Inkmeo Stickers
Wall Stickers


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